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Hacking Xbox Kinect—Interactive Puppet Prototype

It has been only a few short weeks since the Xbox Kinect was released, but already you can find a number of people hacking the Kinect to create really interesting experiences and prototypes.  This interactive puppet prototype was put together in one day by the talented Emily Gobeille and Theo Watson of Design I/O.  This Kinect prototype uses the opensource packages openFrameworks and OpenKinect.

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Chat with Zappos customer support

Jonathan:  Hello Timmy. How can I help you?

Timmy:  do you know how wide the G-Shock Atomic Solar - AWG101 SKU #7403774 is?

Timmy:  i mean, how big a wrist it would fit?

Timmy:  Timmy has a big fat wrist

Timmy:  Timmy need watch grande

Jonathan:  I'll see what I can find out for Timmy.

Timmy:  awesome. and can we please continue to talk about Timmy in the 3rd person? Timmy likes to boost Timmy's ego by talking about Timmy that way

Jonathan:  Jonathan would be happy to neglect the use of pronouns for the duration of this conversation.

Timmy:  Jonathan and Timmy shall get along just fine

Jonathan:  Will Timmy be able to measure Timmy's wrist?

Timmy:  Timmy's wrist is big, but not Biggie-Smalls big. Timmy doesn't have the required measurement instruments.